Review: Bosch Tassimo T40 coffee machine

Rating: 4/5 - "Loads of flavour choice. Big water reservoir"
Reviewed by: Rob James, March 2013 (last updated: May 2013)

We recently bought a Bosch Tassimo coffee machine. And finally decided upon the Bosch TAS4011GB Tassimo Coffee Maker in Silver

Link to the Tassimo website

I thought I'd write a little review, so we'll start with an unboxing.


A little battered - but there was no damage to the machine.
2 books, we'll dig into those later.
So there it is in all its glory the Bosch TAS4011GB Tassimo Coffee Maker in Silver

First impressions: It's smaller than I imagined. Which I suppose is a good thing as I'll have more space on the worksurface, only I kind of expected spomething with a little more presence. Still, it's nice and compact.

The Tassimo is made from a black plastic and the "silver" colour is more like a matt grey.

Initial build quality is as expected for a home device - you know, it's like your toaster!

A nice large water reservoir, must be twice the size of our old Philips Senseo HD7814 Black Coffee Machine

This is where you place the "coffee pods" - I have to say it is a little more "floppy" compared to the Philips Senseo.


First things first you must clean the machine. This constitues running an entire reservoir of water through the system. First off, remove the service disc located in the back hidden behind the reservoir:

and place it in the pod holder:
As I say, this runs through the whole water supply, flushing the system.

Making a coffee


Our first pack of pods Tassimo Costa Americano T Discs


These T disks come in little boxes of 8, with a little dispenser at the bottom. To be fair, it's a nice attempt at a snazzy box, but really; it's hardly worth it. The boxes aren't good enough quality to last and the pods don't last long enough to warrant the dispenser. You can buy tassimo pod holders on Amazon, which look quite snazzy. Maybe we'll make an investment one day.

Right, stick the pod in, face down - so the barcode can be read by the barcode reader - and push the main button: Bingo coffee! Well, kind of! Boy it's noisy! That was my first impression at least. In hind sight, it's probably not that noisy compared to our previous machine. The pump kicks in ititially, which is the noisy bit, but it doesn't last too long, and then the coffee starts coming out.

I'll post a video up soon.

First coffee

Spent pod: I have to say, i feel a little un environmentally friendly with these pods. There's not much i can do with them but bin them. The Philips Senseo pods are like fat tea bags and went straight into the compost bin. Not these, I'm afraid.

coffee making video

coming soon...


coming soon...